Gabriela Dow

Have to agree with Cary Casey – my best trip was also to San Diego. This is the city I grew up in and was doing Advance for the 1996 presidential campaign. It was great to return to see so many friends, conduct press advance to some of the media outlets that I had actually worked for, and nothing beat working out of the Coronado Hotel and the great event we put on at the Balboa Park Organ Pavillion.

Even the part where we had to crash a Dole / Kemp rally to hand out Clinton / Gore talking points was even fun — I ran in to a close friend’s older brother who was working on the other side and he promptly tried to kick us out just like he used to kick me and pals out of his game room when we were in 7th grade – fun experience!

One sobering thing about that trip though, I learned how removed from every-day life we could be back in the beltway… I offered tickets to a few friends to meet the president and they did not understand why I thought that was the greatest thing ever (hey – you can meet THE PRESIDENT!) along with me tracking every word on C-SPAN while they were busy catching a local band at the beach (much more fun), raising their kids (far more important), getting to work on time, turning in a thesis… it was good for me to see my political fascination through the eyes of non-political friends đŸ™‚

But it was also fun taking a work break to walk along Coronado shores and celebrating a great event at the Gaslamp in dtown San Diego!