I have had quite a few great trips travelling for the government. It’s difficult to say which one was the best, but several really stand out. The last AMIA Conference in DC was really informative. I travelled with several friends/colleagues. We stayed in hotels not too far from Dupont Circle and ate at several quaint little local restaurants nearly all tucked into one particular block near the hotels each night. The steamed half lobster was especially good and very reasonable. We ate French, Italian, Mexican and Greek.

The other trips that stand out are travel to conferences in Sacramento and Chicago. Each city has its own rhythm! I thoroughly enjoyed the spotlessly clean, environmentally friendly city of Sacramento and a particular good Italian Restaurant with colleagues and people I met there. In Chicago, I enjoyed my first authentic Chicago pizza pie! It was as delicious as everyone had said it would be. It snowed while we were there in April! I loved the sights and sounds of both cities and especially the Navy Pier on Lake Michigan. The conference I attended was educational, motivational and inspiring! The meetings held there were both pleasantly engaging and productive.