Hi, Mathew, very interesting exercise. ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently one local Tv channel interviewed me about this topic because the segment was related with the employees’ stress and the abusive employer. I mentioned some tips I believe “help us” to reduce the workplace stress but until today I continue looking for a formula resolve it. From my point of view we have to learn how to:
1. Focus on the positive. Feeding your mind with negative feelings and ideas cannot help us to eliminate the stress.
2. Reduce caffeine and sugar. They help us for some hours but after it we can crash in mood and energy.
3. Do exercise. Sometimes we can walk at the office parking lot.
4. Sleep the necessary hours to help your body and your mind.
5. Take your lunch out of your office and avoid to talk about issues related with your work.

Good question!

Martha Ayerdis