Barry Everett

The term “Social Network” has always been a problem for me, when collaborative networks like GovLoop, and the dozens of other more specialized forums are really more about work mission and collaboration than they are about socializing. What “Social Network” has become is the same as what “2.0” is, a shortcut or catch phrase that is easy to use in communication, that really means more than the actual text means. We really don’t mean that any of what we are doing is the 2nd version, implied by a literal use of 2.0, and Social Network really means collaborative knowledge network, or any number of other definitions, all of which are more convenient than the longer clunkier descriptions.

Bottom line is that no matter what we call it, we know what it is by what it does. Unfortunately, in today’s media circus shredder, every attempt to bring people and ideas together is going to be demonized or lionized by opinions based on what ever 10 second or 140 character blip folks wish to believe in, rather than checking it out for themselves. Personally, I’m taking the path shown by my group of leaders, and ignoring the flappers, moving froward with the path of real collaborative knowledge sharing and global networking. As an old guy, I am very encouraged that whenever I shuffle off, the torch will be passed to a more competent and informed community than I have seen in many years. Let’s roll.