Ari Herzog

Your definitions make sense–to a point.

Off the cuff:

1. I am not employed by government today, and I can think of many in GovLoop’s community who also aren’t government employees. Thus, your government definition needs expansion. Moreso when you consider the presidency is about more than the president; government is about more than its employees.

2. As I replied above to Maxine, I don’t view GovLoop as a platform but a tool within the platform of government.

3. GovLoop is not restricted to collaboration. If nobody adds a comment to items on the main page, is collaboration occurring? Are we collaborating right here in this? Or is collaboration what is possible via “GovLoop connections?” Or is that connecting?

4. I don’t agree Gov 2.0 is necessarily participatory. Open, yes; and transparent as a synonym to open. I like saying @BarackObama tweeted during his campaign but he wasn’t participatory. He was engaged in Gov 2.0 tenets, though.