Maxine Teller

My answer: government. But you bring up an interesting mix-up that I’ve been seeing a lot this week. We need to distinguish between social media as a toolset to be learned and social media as a collaborative approach–a way of doing business differently.
Let me explain by using the example of social media and training that I encountered late last week. 1) Social media can be used to more efficiently and effectively train people. 2) We need to train people about social media tools, technologies and tenets. The former is social media as a process tool. The latter is social media as the content.
GovLoop is a platform that enables us to easily collaborate about government topics. Collaboration is a tenet of Gov 2.0. Much about what we collaborate on GovLoop is Gov 2.0 (future vision & action for a better government).
Clear as mud, huh? 😉