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Rachel Niebeling

Hi Cynthia – You’re not alone! 🙂 We’ve talked to a bunch of agencies over the last couple years and have heard the same thing. We’ve been helping agencies to try fresh approaches like “flipped classroom” and “social learning.”

With flipped classroom, we worked with DOT to take a cohort approach where participants engaged in both self-paced and group-based interaction. We recorded a short video (10 minutes tops) that participants watched on their own before participating in an online discussion together. We also invited them to come together live online for a real-time conversation with experts and colleagues.

Using a social learning approach, we worked with OPM to convert a 2-day, in-person course to be delivered over the course of 6 weeks. We broke out the pieces into smaller parts – attend a one-hour webinar (which we made really interactive), then read some blogs and engage in an online discussion and get paired with a peer mentor to talk about what you learned that you’d apply right away to your job.

These are a couple different alternatives to those page turners that you cited – and we’re doing a bunch more with interactive, self-paced videos. It’s a fun time in learning and we’re trying to be innovative and help agencies solve the problem you’ve expressed here.