Kathleen Smith

As I shared with Steve last night at the Fiscal New Year’s Party, as evidenced by the growth in GovLoop from all the media attention in the last week, that GovLoop needs to establish itself as a Subject Matter Expert that the media and others inside/outside the community would look to for insight on Gov.

In graduate school, we would read the Economist each week, pick three articles and then share them. We would discuss emerging trends and then see how those trends continued or died off. Building upon this same strategy, we could, or Steve and his “trend advisers” could watch the blogs and discussions on GovLoop and identify trends that bubble up from the blogs and discussions. This trends could be published on a quarterly basis for discussion or implementation of a project that might lend itself for community involvement.

This would be the GovLoop Trend report that would be published quarterly with an annual wrap up that could be delivered as part of one of the existing Gov conferences or GovLoops own confab.

What I like about this as well it it would also be a chronicle of the opportunities and challenges the Gov 2.0 community and other Gov communities are experiencing and if they continued, faded away or were dealt with.

As we look to the transformations that we are experiencing along with those that will be happening over the next few years, it would be helpful to know what they story has been step by step rather than sitting around a cafe’ in 2013 and say “gee whatever appended to cloud computing”, or “why didn’t anyone predict the collapse of the program XYZ?”

Just my thoughts.
Kathleen Smith