Scott Bryan

If I could only add one feature, and was hoping to make it something that really added the sort of value that government employees are hoping to find when they visit this site, it would be a dynamic FAQ section, the refinement of which was designed to be a sort of outstanding workload for the more active members.

I think it should be a prominent part of the opening screen, perhaps even the primary product of all efforts here–like a catalog of our findings. I see it as an alternate way to index our discussions (linking them into the reasoning behind the answers to specific questions, and allowing someone trying to come up to speed on a topic to quickly find a good deal of useful discussion about it.) I think we are more than ready to collectively provide a very useful service to those simply not ready to make an account, dive in, and look for answers more proactively. Perhaps we should offer an email service where government employees could send a question and get back a document crafted collectively by us to answer it and provide a list of related links.

The FAQ itself might be in the form of a up-to-date primer on all aspects of the OG process where we collectively edit and refine each other’s best attempts to explain our working knowledge and interlink this site to all related sites and sources.