Scott Bryan

I’d like to see new tools, directed at the mechanics of focusing discussions. Widgets that we can insert and become part of our comments to do specific things. For example, one that allows us to ask the community a question, and asks readers to either leave a reply, or order a list of those already given, and summarizes the results. Stuff that allows us to add a great deal of semantics to the content by labeling parts, like proposals, goals, issues, etc in ways that leave readers with far more options for responding that are intended to ultimately clarify, discuss, and resolve them into a library of interconnected wisdom (or whatever it is we collectively create.)

I’d like to see a glossary of conceptual objects to help us be precise about what we’re talking about, to help us find a shared lexicon, and allow newcomers to resolve jargon. And the technology to automatically map our textual references to those things as URIs or similar tokens that better represent them. And of course all of the other infrastructure needed to maintain that glossary collectively.

I’d like him to explore ways he might make our own political capital, as members of this forum more tangible. Suppose there were some outstanding issues to vote on (like what belongs in the glossary) I’d like to see something that more wisely harvested our will than the classical vote allows. Instead I’d like us to actually have an account that received a steady income of political capital that we spend in various ways to support or oppose issues, or more often, secretly delegate to someone we believe will make a wiser decision on that issue than we could.

A tangible PC approach allows a number of interesting properties of PC to be experienced–the fact that it evaporates, for example, into the accounts of everyone who does use it is easy to simulate. It facilitates a shopping mall approach to organizing the forum, and might better engage the public. He could advertise the site as the place Where you can spend the political capital you didn’t realize you had to buy a better government.

And next week, when he’s finished with all of that, I’d like him to consider adding other kinds of currencies designed to motivate us in completely different ways, as mentors and to become leaders. I’ve been thinking about gov 2.0 without actually realizing it for my entire adult life. So I have a great deal more to suggest than can be summed up in a reply on the fly.