Amanda Blount

Well, It depends on who you are using and what job you are looking for. I won’t bash a resume writing company, because I am sure there are some really great ones out there (in fact I have been paid to write some for friends and soldiers), but be careful. Here are some of the things you need to look for right off the top;

1. Do not sign a contract (yep some companies have this)
2. Make sure you get the main copy on word e-mailed to you or on a disk. (this will allow you to make updates forever on your own). MAKE SURE YOU KNOW this one right up front. It is too late to receive an e-mail or a disk after you have already paid them.
3. Once you know Number 1 and 2 are covered, use fake companies and supervisor names, and a fake SSN. This is especially true if you are using an unknown person to do your resume. Some online companies will gladly do a great job on your resume, and everything goes fine. You are very happy, until you, or one of your last supervisors, (you may never even know) gets their identity stolen, or starts receiving random phone calls. Some resume companies over very low rates to do resumes, because resumes are not their money maker. The way they make money is selling the Data of the people they collect. On one resume, a company may get 10 new names, addresses, and telephone numbers they never had before. This includes your name and information, 3 or more references, and past employment supervisor information.
4. BTW – Many chain pizza companies sell your information also. I asked the main HQ, they said yes. So, I always give them a fake address and go and pick my pizza up myself.
(but I digress)

Now after the amount of warnings, I will tell you, unless you have no time at all, the internet will give you anything you need to make you own resume. And if you ask for help, we can help you on here (well I don’t speak for everyone, but I will, and I know some others will).

There are free websites which will help you convert your civilian job to a federal one. If you know the job you are looking at, read about the job all over the internet, and learn the lingo. Use that lingo in your resume in relation to you past positions.

I am not saying, don’t use a resume writing service (I have made some of my Christmas money doing just this one thing). I am saying 1) You don’t really need one, or if you do use one, 2) Make sure it is someone you can trust, and 3) follow the rules I gave you above.