Richard Truex

I am remembering a letter to the editor I wrote back in the 4th grade.(so yeah back in the 1965 for those that don’t want to do the math) It was published in the Weston Connecticut Journal as a matter of fact.

It was my attempt to recognize Leif Ericson as the person who may have discovered America before Columbus (no disrespect for Christopher Columbus) . This explorer may have actually landed in the North America Continent as opposed to the Caribbean. Though we give Columbus a lot of credit…it could be shared..

Both are unbelievably brave explorers facing tremendous challenges and circumstances. I still think we might want to change it to Explorers day and celebrate all of the great explorers….just a thought. We have many present day explorers that would qualify… Then we could all open the explorer in ourselves and look for ways to improve this world…still lots to learn…