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Henry Brown

News story from dbusinessnews.com

Wayne,Pa.13 Oct 2009- The launch of the new Federal Careers Blog
has created a new online resource for those seeking Federal
Employment. Their new blog will feature expert advice on all
aspects of the federal job application process covering job
announcements, Federal Resume Writing and KSA writing.

According to usajobs.gov, the federal government’s online job
site, there are over 30,000 positions listed daily. Each of
these positions carries with it a detailed account of what the
applicant must do in order to apply. The procedures and the
requirements vary from department to department within the
federal government.

Mr. Jake Fannin, President of Employment911.com says this,”The
launch of our new Federal Careers Blog will make the application
process much easier for job seekers. The Blog will provide
information relevant to the application process and Federal
Resume writing process.”

“The federal job application process is not as simple as applying
for a job in the public sector.” Mr. Fannin said,”Visit our new
Blog ,learn about the Federal application process and get a
head start on the competition.”