Jaime Gracia

Is the government a terrible buyer? I do think so, but I think the real focus and questions need to be on how the government buys, in which case I believe the processes are not optimal and need vast improvement. Namely, improve how the government buys through process improvement initiatives (Lean Six Sigma), leverage technology and collaborative tools to increase knowledge and information flow (Gov 2.0), create opportunities for savings and best practices through performance based acquisitions and share-in-savings techniques, replace the FAR with a streamlined, accessible e-FAR and e-procurement tools that are standardized across government, and create a life-cycle approach to the acquisition workforce that have the skills and competencies to be successful business advisors. I look forward to hearing from leaders in government in the value for the deals government makes, as I am curious as to what they feel is working, and what is not, as it should be an interesting vantage point.