C.B. Alexander

Some are, without a doubt. They are the ones who are at work on the dot, take exactly the negotiated break, to the minute, and are out the door on the dot.
But in 20 years of government employment, it has been my experience that they are, with no shadow of a doubt, the minority.
JFK, Jr. once said if you want to perform public service, “Give away all your money and hit yourself repeatedly in the head with a hammer.” The frustration and, in most markets, the low pay certainly results in some employees who require special accomodation (see the some above) – but it more often results in individuals dedicated to the public and shameless believers in the mission to which they have been called.
A group so willing to swim up that stream has a tendency to do so for more than 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. They are concerned with getting the job done for the public, not the pay or the hour.