Scott Horvath

I think the general point that I was trying to make is that many Federal employees are not clock watchers…meaning they don’t just sit around counting down the minutes until 7 hours and 59 minutes before they stand up and start putting their coat on. I think many simply don’t care if they work 8 hours exactly, or have to work 9 hours, etc They work until they feel they can leave the day where it is and pick up the next day.

Federal employees are required to work at least 8 hours/day, right? You might be able to get done what you need to within 8 hours…or you might have to work a bit longer to complete your task…the point is that we’re not just “clock watching” and counting down the minutes. We actually want to do the job or task we’re responsible for and don’t just sit around waiting for the end of the day. At least…that’s how I see it. That’s my opinion.

Yes, I can work my required 8 hours and be done with it…and many times I do. But I also work on my own free time via mobile or desktop at home. It’s not that I HAVE TO, it’s that I choose to. I do it b/c I care about the work I do. Just because someone else doesn’t work like me doesn’t mean they don’t care about their job either…I’m not saying that. But for ME…for the way I work…that’s just how it is. I think what makes the difference in how you work is dependent upon your work environment, your management, the support and recognition you receive, etc. I love doing my job. Because I have a positive work experience, if I need to put in extra hours, I’m willing to do so.

Just because someone works extra hours doesn’t mean they have an organizational or planning problem. Some people actually choose to work longer hours because they enjoy it. Some people choose to work from home, like me, because they feel as if they have an obligation to get the job done it’s just their work ethic. That shouldn’t be considered a negative thing.