Amanda Blount

We do different things different years, but I have served as the head twice and both times we did; chili cook-off between offices (this is an annual event that we always do). Everyone dresses up as a theme, pays an entrance fee and let the contest begin. It gets very elaborate. Last year, the theme winner did the Pirates cove, and served Island Chili. It was very good. They don’t win money; they win a plaque and the bragging rights. Sections 3, 5, and 7, came up with MAG 357 Chili and dressed up like the old Mafia folks. Recruiting did a TN tailgate theme, and on and on.

During that day we have guess the photo (high school photos of different people), the silent auction (with donated items), games for kids who show up (tickets are .25 each), and everything and anything you can put into a 4 hour fair. We start the day at 11:00 and end everything at 3 pm.

OK, then we also had a Halloween contest. Everyone paid $5 to earn the right to wear a costume on the 30th.

Each office has individual sales on Fridays – Bake sales, and breakfast sales, candy sales, and on and on. Anything they want to do to earn money is prior approved, and the one who earns the most, earns a plaque.

We have a contest every year to vote who you would like to see cross dressed – of course we only use volunteers. The couple who earns the most money, must cross dress on the day of the cook off. NOW that is funny!! One year the couple who won – put in their own money and dressed like Sonny and Cher and actually put on a show. IT was great!!!

The years I did it, anyone who turned their forms in on the first day with a contribution earned two Krispy Kreme doughnuts (they were donated).

OH YEAH – Jeans and dress down day – $5 donation will allow you to where jeans and t-shirts on the Friday. Soldiers also get to wear whatever appropriate civilian clothes they want. And we do that for 4 Fridays. WE earned a ton of money with this one!!!

Floppy & Crazy Hat day – $1 gives you the right to wear whatever ugly, floopy, crazy hat you want. (of course appropriate words only) (the sports guys loved this day)

I could give you lot’s more ideas, but right now those are the ones that come to mind right away.

I loved being the CFC Coordinator!