Brock Webb

“Chirp” is the name of the Intelligence Community (IC) Microblogging pilot sponsored by the National Intelligence Coordination Center (NIC-C) for Intelink U, S, and TS. Chirp was developed by IC Enterprise Solutions (ICES) and is based on StatusNet, an Open Source microblogging platform that provides much of the same functionality as the commercial product Twitter.

Chirp is an excellent example of using Open Source Software to provide a secure, cost effective microblogging capability for the DoD/IC

Many recent events such as the Mumbai hotel terrorist attack, earthquakes in Italy and China, Iranian elections, and the initial reporting of H1N1 have demonstrated the power of microblogging tools to both inform and rapidly distribute information. The brief status messages lowers users’ requirement of time and thought investment for content generation and allows more frequent updates. Because of these efficiencies, microblogging is quickly becoming an invaluable resource to tap into the expertise of a large community to make connections, coordinate action, and solve problems.