John Bourdon

Thank you and Ed for your replies.

I have had many restrictions placed upon me for conducting the survey at the participating agency. The first one was that employees of the participating agency could not use gov’t issued equipment or time to conduct the survey. While I could, from my personal email, send potential participants an email inviting people to take the survey the potential participants had to do so from their homes. I did ask about trying to tie into a charitable event such as the on going CFC campaign but that request was denied.

I have managed to meet and greet many people during the last few weeks and have asked many to take my survey. I have sent weekly follow-up emails which has increased participation. For many, however, it would have been a whole lot easier to take the survey at work. Once people get to their home after work there are too many important distractions to attend to.

I spoke to my academic mentor about the participation rate and he has informed me that although it is a bit on the low scale, a 25% participation rate would be considered normal. It would have been great to strike the 50% rate but I did manage to surpass the 25% rate. Without the restrictions I think I would have faired very close to the 50%.

Anyway, now it is time to analyze the data and see what the resuts dictate.

Again, thank you for the response.