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Mark Pierson

Hi Greetings from the UK !
In the UK we use a number of project methodologies – PRINCE 2 (A method developed by Computer IT groups in Central Government and now regarded as the standard for Project Management(very popular in the UK))
APM Tools(A set of 50+ Knowledge areas governed by APM)-useful principles around project tools
For IT related projects ITIL -A set of tools based on the practical real world needs required in the management of an IT project.

Projects are really just like a cookery lesson – You need one Cook ,one menu a bunch of ingredients, some tools and an oven(senior management!!).Get the mix wrong and you end up with gooooohy food!

Project Managers should do two key thing in managing a project- Constantly gather the information from the team and then secondly share it in an intelligent way so that all stakeholders are kept abreast of what is needed.

Lots of new buzz words get used that confuse most people- Agile, Scrum(these are though fantastic ways to achieve rapid results!) etc
-The key thing though is use common sense
-spend time planning and thinking about how a project needs to work step by step.
Looking at the comments above the other useful nugget is share concerns and dont be afraid to ask –
most people will want to see your project succeed and will want to assist you.
All the best and if I can assist please drop me a line – [email protected] I specialise in Change Management and Collaborative best practice for Projects in Defence & UK Government agencies/departments -trust this has been of some assistance

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