Amy Bell

Hear, hear!! It looks great.

One nit (of course I have to have a nit) would be that the drop shadow makes it look like the “g” is floating above the button. If you look closely at the “in” on the linkedin button, the shadow effects work to make it look as if it were embossed on the surface of the button. The “f” for facebook is flat, which also makes it read as on the surface of the button. I’m not advocating either, but right now there’s a bit of a mixed message… the wonderful highlights make it look as if there is a real button that is curving gently away, but the “g” reads like a razor-thin flat cut-out that hangs over the edge of it.

Oh, also? I’ve noticed with the past few iterations that the entire right side of the button appears to be cut off, or cropped, just 2-3 pixels worth? Can you see it? I assumed this was just a problem with the way it was grabbed to show us, but it appears consistently…

Don’t get me wrong. It’s looking great. And it looks like half a smiley! Anyone else notice this?