Amy Bell

I think the analogy falls apart… the logo is marketing, which is basically very public product testing. Let’s say McDonald’s or Nike finds out, after years of coming up with slogans, that the shorter and pithier slogans are more memorable, signature, and profitable. Should I, as a new company, follow along in their exact wagon rut from beginning to end? Or should I perhaps learn from them, and create something simpler and more elegant right from the beginning?

Has anyone seen A River Runs Through It? The father homeschools the two boys, and the one who grows up to be the writer of the book upon which the movie is based recalls writing an essay for his father, who reads it, hands it back, and says, “Good. Now make it half as long.” He does so, and brings it back to his father, who says again, “Good. Now make it half as long.” You get the idea.

The graphic design version of this is that we tend to want to overexplain things visually. There’s a lot to GovLoop, but the best way to get people in to discover that, is through clean, simple graphic work. Own the “g”. Like facebook owns the “f”.