I. Michael Snyder

I am thankful for:
– A new job after 6 months of unemployment
– The support of family and friends during this trying time
– My wonderful wife, my caring son, plus my 4 loving dogs and numerous foster dogs
– My scout troop and the support of the boys and adults in providing me with a chance to contribute to the a giving and learning community
– All the great people at M-NCPPC for their welcoming attitude
– A great and giving country of people who strive to help others in the face of disaster and terrorism.

What I wish for in the coming year:
– Positions for those people I know still looking for work
– Opportunities for all those seeking and discouraged by the current job market
– A rapid and broad increase in prosperity as the economy improves
– An end to hostilities and peace among all the worlds citizens
– Improvements in the availability of renewable, sustainable, and green energy for everyone
– Continued world-wide collaboration in the pursuit of medical break-throughs for all disease, illnesses, and health related hardships
– Freedom, liberty, and happiness for all.