W. David Stephenson

-My son in Afghanistan and the other selfless men and women who are defending us.
-The Native Americans here in MA who befriended the Pilgrims: would that we had been more charitable in response (hey: we paid a price for that: they burned my town in 1673)!
-my family
-GovLoop and the whole ethos of sharing and community that marks Gov. 2.0
-the many people who have helped me with my “Democratizing Data” book, now thankfully nearing completion
-the MacSpeech software that helped me overcome writers’ block (hey, if you can’t write a book, speak it!)
-the wonderful education I got @ Haverford, which left me eager to take on new challenges and new fields, and to always be grounded in ethical action.
-the lover of working with your hands that my father passed on, so that I could renovate my kitchen all by myself, and now enjoy cooking Thanksgiving dinner in it.
– the new tradition I learned from Toni Stone of Wonderworks Studio: each person in turn saying 3 things you were grateful 4 continuously during the dinner: not only does Thanksgiving last longer than 20 min. (LOL) but you actually really realize all of the mundane things for which you are thankful.
David Stephenson