Amy Bell

Seven words: This will NOT be under seven words. I think the “Discuss Findings on GovLoop” button could actually be the most exciting part of this survey on NextGov… This could be the niche GovLoop fills… Imagine some sort of new piece of documentation of legislation, emergency management, etc, that comes out on a website. Let’s take the City of Saint Paul, since I live there.

Here is the city of Saint Paul website. Right on the home page, you see that the City of Saint Paul has a twitter account, and a facebook account. (No GovLoop account… yet!) Navigating to both, I see that the tweets are a combination of lower to mid level government involvement… I find out that the tree was lit in Rice Park, which is pretty lower level, and I find out that there was a snow emergency announced. This matters to me more if I don’t want my car to get towed. Some are feeds from their Facebook page, some are tweeted directly.

Back on the City wesbite…if you navigate through the “I Want To…” and click on “Find a Document” in the drowndown menu, you get to this page. a wealth of information about the kinds of things I’m going to call upper level citizen involvement. Right on this page there could be a GovLoop button, and some kind of call to discuss these documents on GovLoop. Document discussion on this level isn’t the sort of thing their facebook page or their twitter feed are really set up to do. Those have a very light tone… new Butterfly exhibit, that sort of thing.

Okay, what if not only were there a link to govloop right by facebook and twitter, but one of the City’s tweets was: “New document available on Emergency Management”, or “New City Council Budget review posted” and it linked to the document, and then there was the GovLoop button for people to click if they wanted to comment on it?

I think GovLoop could fill a niche right in between the facebook level of government, and the City website.