Not sure the generational mismatch is about technology…but in the ways each generation learned in school:

Veterans – by the book, what others said, degrees as means to a specific end, community-oriented, but individual needs to prove value through hard work
Boomers – by the book and learn as much as you can, those who control info win, very individualistic
Gen X – just give me the information I need to get the job done fast, teams are alright, but I’d prefer to get it done myself
Gen Y – do I really need to memorize/learn anything when I have ubiquitous, real-time access to everything I need to know in the palm of my hand? Everything’s in the crowd.

This is the rub with open gov – the next generations are more comfortable with it because they were trained to be information sharers and work in teams. Boomers terrified because it means opening up and letting folks see what’s going on…the antithesis of their typical modus operandi.

The tech is only an enabler of this reality. Open Gov is really government waking up and realizing that privacy is gone and everything we do is wide open because of the technology. “Bring it on,” I think the next generation is saying, because they’re used to operating that way.