Hi Noel – Right now, Steve and I share the responsibility of moderating GovLoop. In fact, after I finish this post, I have 11 new members to review and approve. In terms of the process, here’s our checklist:

1. Are they government as shown by their .gov, .mil, .state, .us address? If yes, immediate approval.
2. If they don’t have a government address, we review their profile responses. If they indicate that they are a government employee, then we grant approval.
3. If they are not government, then we do a little research on them. We will conduct a quick Google search on their name and organization. If it supports government, then approved immediately. If it’s not directly tied to government, but a legitimate organization, then we approve and monitor that individual.
4. If a person has a limited profile and we cannot find their name on Google to learn more, we will deny their request.
5. If they fill out the profile more completely, but their company is not even tangentially related to supporting government (i.e. a towing company in Las Vegas or some kind of acai berry juice that makes you strong and virile), DENIED!
6. If after this process, someone still slips through the cracks and we spot them (usually because one of our Community Leaders/Greeters or another member points out bogus or questionable activity), then we’ll suspend their account, which deletes all their content.

Sometimes denied or suspended members send us an email to ask why we took that action, and we give them a fair response. If they prove that they have positive intentions, we’ll reinstate them.

And we also engage in coaching activities, pointing people to our Engagement Guidelines and stating clearly how they could operate better within those parameters, often giving 2-3 tips or examples.

So we have a solid review process…and are open to ideas from the community in order to ensure that members continue to feel safe and respected…especially if we make this change to a more open GovLoop.