David Harrity

I’m fine with 3A, although don’t be suprised if we’re reconsidering that at a later date to be more like 3b or 2.

I still have somewhat an issue with 3A in that people outside of government may not understand or misinterpet statements made in a discussion forum that can be read by all.

Also, I’m not a fan of repeating content elsewhere for repeat sakes. There are several members today who simply cut-and-paste a government-related article from FCW.com, GCN.com, GovExec, and so on…., and provide no additional comment (and frankly value) here. These groups, FCW, etc., already have comment areas for stories that anyone can post to. Let that happen there. But, if someone wants to post (aka, repeat) an article posted elsewhere, then at least have the common courtesy to explain why you posted it here at GovLoop.com and “start the conversation”.

Simply repeating an article here on GovLoop.com is not “starting the conversation” in my opinion.