Most important – your Venn diagram tool: http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/venn/

What makes GovLoop so unique is the fact that it’s truly multi-sector – government, non-profit, academia, private contractors and everyone in between. You work for government by improving government to citizen communication…that’s a critical link, and ultimately why any of us are trying to improve government here – to improve information and services for citizens. And how do they know about that information and those services? Well…GD plays an important role in forging that link!

But you’re right – citizens aren’t here yet. But I have a hunch more will come and find out what their government is talking about on GovLoop should we open it up. And my hope is that they will be really, really impressed….smashing the age-old assumptions and misperceptions about public servants. Then, if they want to join the conversation about improving government, we’ve brought it all full circle, eh?

And the button? Let’s start with G2G sites (I am already talking with a county who’s interested in placing it on their intranet), B2G (vendors that primarily focus on government), media and events planners (Federal News Radio is adding it to their website….why not the Washington Post and others that have a large government target audience?)…and non-profits/good government organizations (like AABPA, ICMA, Partnership for Public Service)…for starters!