Amy Bell

I like 3a. I like to feel the merchandise so to speak, before I decide to try something out, and the way govloop is set up now, I can’t get a feel for it beforehand.

Also, once I did decide to sign up, I actually closed out of the signup process because, despite being an employee of GovDelivery, I got to a point where it sounded like I had to actually work for government. I came back out of stubbornness and decided to try, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could join. Then I wondered why the slight subterfuge…

Now that I’m signed up, I still can’t bring myself to fill out the “I work for the government because:” field. I wasn’t as clever as Andy in crafting something like “you all are awesome”, which does connote not actually working for government. Still, I feel I am riding a line here between my acceptability. Like there are degrees of acceptability. Does that make sense? I propose some new wording on things like that…