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Amanda Blount

Brett – Go to usajobs.gov and CPOL – there are many contracting jobs on there. At this point, with so many contracting positions open, you should have no trouble finding something. Are you stuck in Oregon? Huntsville is busting with positions! Have you called the Army Corps of Engineers, or the VA personally? How about GSA? The contracting positions are everywhere. Are you near a major military post or the National Guard HQ for your state? Both will have Contracting positions. Look for Air Guard bases also. They have positions also. Look for any Federal building and ask who buys their stuff. I say it like that because you may ask someone where is the contracting office and they may not know what you are talking about, but you ask them where they have to go to order their office supplies, computers, or who handles construction contracts, and they will know exactly who you are talking about. If they have no jobs open, ask them about any Federal Offices they may know about in the area… don’t ask them about if any jobs are open in the other agencies, they will not know. ALSO… You may want to look into your state DOT! They have contracting people also, but you will be at state level. But, that is still a foot in the door. If all else fails, start as a buyer for a civilian company, they do the exact same thing, but on the other side of the table. ALL retail stores have buyers – including big box stores, and clothes stores. And one last item… don’t forget your local hospital. Almost every hospital has a person doing all the medical purchases. That would be a sweet gig if you could get it.