Hi, Steve and all,
I am very happy at home in Miami enjoying for the first time after 37 years my birthday and Christmas. On December 23, 1972 the day before Christmas eve I lost my only sister and three members of my family. I keep my sadness and pain all those years to help my mother cope with her pain. This year, I shared my sadness and pain with all my high school classmates and some close friends at work. I wrote an email and I typed all my feelings on it. I was crying while I was doing it. After that e-mail and the wonderful, powerful and supporting answers I received from all of them, I feel free. This is for me the first Christmas I have enjoyed. I played the piano and sang….it was amazing. Now I am watching the movie Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory with my children, my husband and my mom. Thanks Lord for this miracle! Thank you all of you for read it and allowed me to share something one day was a secret inside my heart. Have a great weekend!