Robert E. Selph

Hi Steve. Good luck on the movie with the family. I am spending my Christmas alone with my doggie now after a great meal with my family at their residence and listening to Beethoven over youtube. I am reflecting this afternoon about what makes this a great country. We all come from many different backgrounds. We all have different dreams and goals.

This past year has really been very difficult for the small contractor. Not very much money compared with the big contractors but, it has given me the time to increase my contracts certifications, and partner with some very major corporations. It has also given me the opportunity to discover this website. I post very little here, but I have recommended it to many people and many high level govt. execs. Steve, there was a very popular (now defunct) cartoon in the Richmond, VA newspaper called The Pluggers. We, either the government employees or the government employees who are now contractors are never concerned with politics. We just love our country very much and want to do the best for our country in every way. We Steve, are the pluggers. Service as a military person, as a government employee, as a contractor, or as a volunteer police, fireman, search and rescue.

I will close for now and ask all of us to please remember those who are serving and are away from their loved ones on this special day.

Merry Christmas to all.

Robert Selph