Adam Arthur

1. Improve
2. Expand
3. Create

‘Improve’ – much like your ‘Grow’, I want to develop myself into a better man- in areas of marriage, faith, health, friendship and fiscal responsibility. What begins as an ugly and flawed rock can be chipped away, honed, polished, and revealed as a perfected diamond…I want my life to resemble this. Life’s trials and tribulations can make me stronger, if I learn from them.

‘Expand’ – I want to enlarge my reach and influence within the community. God has given me certain talents that I do not want to store away or “…hide in the Earth”. I desire to use what I’ve been blessed with to positively impact others, without expectation of reward. My desire is to move away from any thought of gain and move to selfless giving. This is contrary to human nature, and it will be a true challenge.

‘Create’ – I have notebooks full of ideas and ways of improving this or that. I tend to never act on most of them, for one reason or another. Complacency or fear of failure will not deter me, if I can help it! I am usually known for being a ‘doer’, but I want to take this even further. Without fear or hesitation, I want to put goals into action…begin to develop my good ideas into real operating centers.

These are lofty goals for 2010, but ones I aspire to accomplish. 🙂

On a side note, I want to carve out a little space here to thank you (Andy), Steve, and so many other great people that I have met here on GovLoop for your friendship. Having quality people to learn from and lean on makes life a richer experience for me. I hope only to be a good friend and colleague to you.