I can think of a few different employers and my first week or so. What I needed during that time was different depending on my job. Such as:
– File organization system: Some agencies had things organized by the last or first name of whoever did the job before I got there. Or, by contract number. Or by any number of things that have no meaning whatsoever to the new guy or gal. One’s job may be to re-organize, but it would help to know how to navigate the existing system.
– List of Acronyms. “John, did you receive my POL …” So, is that Parts, Oil, and Lubricants (what that could mean in the Army), Personnel something, Philosophical Objection Lesson, etc.
– The Picture, as in, what’s important that’s going on, whether it be aircraft to an Air Traffic Controller, or other things.
– When to expect the Gut Truck is nice (the observant new-hire will usually notice, especially when half the crew grabs cash and runs off for snacks), or where the nearest coffee shop is.
– Security protocals. If you’re new you won’t know specific tasks or procedures to protect data, gain access to areas, or recognize people that shouldn’t be in an area.
– Time. There are often competing expectations – that you complete administrative training and paperwork AND that you get your job done, too. A manager just needs to factor some time into their subordinate’s schedules so they can address both expectations.