Edward Williams

Ari, As far as I can tell the only difference between circusvip (britney spears)/friendsorenemies and govloop is the color; as far as content and scrolling, it seemed the same to me. Btw, what resolution are you using?

I am new to govloop and that may be why but I like what I am seeing – it’s a way for me to learn about how people in govt agencies operate and “think”; Whether it’s a post about internet identity or what web tools people are using. I agree with Jill, if you’re looking for a bit more “filtered” information, groups might be the way to go.

Steve, I have one suggestion about groups. I click on one of my groups and it says the latest activity was 2 hours ago (just an example)…I tried very hard but I couldn’t find what that activity was. I don’t know if that’s something you have control over or if that’s a Ning thing but I’d say that’s something to look at.