Bob Gourley

Who here thinks Reid’s racial slurs should be off limits in political discussions? Guess what: nothing is off limits in political discussion. I guess that is a hypothetical question. Here is another one: Who here thinks Congress is too political? Ha! Get over it. Or, said in an even more sarcastic way: Congress would be a great place if it wasn’t for all the politics, wouldn’t it?.

I try to be as non-political as possible, and my hope is that GovLoop remains as non-political as possible. So maybe what all here should do, for the sake of the community, is to stay out of the squabbling and mud slinging that has been an ugly side of our way of politics since Jefferson and Adams had a very public falling out.

There are plenty of reasons to keep politics out of Govloop, one of which is the huge number of govies here in the system. All federal employees and many state and local employees are the Hatch Act which restricts political activity and if this site becomes a place full of partisan bickering then I imagine we will see a mass exodus of members here.

For more on the Hatch Act see: http://www.osc.gov/hatchact.htm