Steve Radick

Good question Ari – if I didn’t work in the government arena, I probably wouldn’t have started a GovLoop profile. Why would I? If I was working for a record company or a sports team, Government 2.0 wouldn’t even have been on the top of my mind. Now, if you’re asking if I didn’t work at Booz Allen, but say, at the FDA or another government agency, yeah, I think I’d still be on here, probably more so, because I wouldn’t have access to the resources like I have at Booz and I’d be trying to identify for.

Let’s say I leave Booz Allen next week, my tags would probably still include Booz Allen (alumni), my new employer, etc. Depending on what my new employer did, that’s what would determine how active I was here. Going to another contractor? Probably stays the same. Going to government? Probably increases. Going to another industry? Probably not nearly as active.