Steve Radick

Good thought Josh but I disagree – I actually like that people aren’t categorized here by agency, contractor, etc. It forces us to look at each person as an individual, usually (but not always) acting and speaking on behalf of himself, not as a member or representative of their agency. I worry about the chilling effect it might have on the discussion if I was no longer Steve, but rather, Steve from Booz Allen. Sure, many people know that I work there and I don’t attempt to hide it, but at least when someone sees a post or a blog from me and they don’t know me, there’s no preconceived notions that come along with it. They’re more likely to take my content at face value, and can then follow up by clicking my profile to find out more about ME, rather than just see that I’m a contractor and have their thoughts framed by that, vice my content.

Rather than themes, what about simply creating badges (a la Intellipedia) or a spot for tags where people self-identify and organize themselves according to interests, hobbies, agencies, etc.? Imagine a space on everyone’s user page where there’s a tag cloud and you could tag yourself with things like DOJ, DOT, DINFOS, DoD, etc. and each one of those is a link that you can click and see who else tagged themselves that as well. What do you think of that?