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Darrel W. Cole

Simply, meetings are no longer the be all and end all to discuss, debate public matters. People expect to be reached in other ways, including social media, email blasts, Web site, media coverage.
In all of these ways to provide information, especially re social media, are you engaging followers, are you aggressively getting groups involved in this forum, are you redirecting people to the Web site and is the Web site relevant enough and timely, or is the social media use like this:”come to our Tuesday meeting”.
Who are your ambasadors? Local chambers? Civic organizations? neighborhood associations? Recruit these folks, go to their meetings.
Be specific in why you want people to attend or get involved, but also get them involved in the conversation in other forums.
There isn’t one answer to solve your issue, especially if the biggest issue you deal with is trash can size. But, if you haven’t already, you need a true public outreach strategy. Doing it piecemeal will get you piecemeal results.
I hope that helps.
Darrel W. Cole