Adam Davidson

Yes. Very much so. One senior OPM leader recently stated last week (11/’10) that over 80% (?!) of all federal jobs are competitive service jobs – those under OPM’s legal remit to have advertised (Title 5 – 3330 & 3327). But if you google: feddata, trends, opm – and then hit the “feeling lucky” button, you’ll find that about 48% of all jobs are competitive service jobs, or less than 65% when we ignore USPS jobs as federal jobs – which we shouldn’t. OPM is being very misleading of the public. To have Obama sign and issue a Hiring Reform Memo instructing all agencies to have USAJOBS manage all candidate expectation management (item 1d) is based on a false premise and exposes a significant knowledge gap of fact and technological realities – and co-opts Obama into this same cloud of ignorance. Candidate expectation management should be universally applied and that can only be done from within the engine of each agency’s applicant tracking system – not some candidate gateway. It’d be like expecting the Washington Post to manage the expectations of all candidates who apply to all professional service firms. Ridiculous.