Mark Boelte

I am not with the majority in my thoughts on the Federal Application process. I hear a lot of complaints about KSA’s (and of course the President has said they are going to go) and yet I think it is a mistake.

One of the biggest complaints the public has about Government is how difficult it is to understand what and how Government works. People are perplexed as to what Government documents are saying. I have heard of the efforts to simplify the language used, and to put documentation into “plain speech” and I approve and agree.

However, if that is to be accomplished, do we not need Government employees that have writing skills? Do we really want to water down the communication standards for applicants?

You may say that a Resume will do that, however I teach Resume Writing to my customers in New Jersey. A great many use either example resume’s or templates, and seldom write the document themselves. You cannot access a persons written communications skill by a resume. Personally I think the KSA’s are the most useful aspect of the Federal Application.

I teach people how to apply for Federal jobs. The most difficult aspect of the process is not the KSA, it’s the job descriptions and requirements. I spent MONTHS reading job listings before I began to understand how to decipher what was required for a position. Writing a KSA is easy if you know what the recruiter is looking for, but the job listings are long, obtuse, confusing and refer to outside sites too often.

I agree with others that the response times should be improved, that mobile apps should be used, and I love the Domino’s Pizza reference. However, I feel KSA’s are a good tool that should not be eliminated.