Denise Petet

maybe to make it work it’s a combo of trust and integrity.

the boss isn’t under cover. There aren’t any huge cash prizes or bonuses. But the boss doesn’t come to see the sugar coated job either. They don’t come to do the cherry picked ‘let’s not make them get dirty’ job. They honestly and truthfully work. And are held accountable for their work. If they don’t fill the pothole right, then they do ti again….just like the regular workers.

So you need the boss with the right attitude (which is the saddest irony about UCB in the first place…those that need the attitude adjustment the worst are those that are the least likely to ever ‘lower themselves’ to do it), you need the ‘guide’ for the boss with the right attitude (not a suck up, but a person that isn’t afraid of said boss) and you need real situations for the boss to deal with, not set up ones organized to protect said boss.