Denise Petet

As far as the disguise, Bryan Bedford pulled off the disguise and I wouldn’t have recognized him either even though his picture was commonly on our Intranet website as well as in our inflight magazine. I think if you don’t know the person, how they talk etc. you probably are not going to recognize them.

sometimes the biggest disguise there is is them simply being there. Do you expect to see mister 9 million a year bagging fries? Or see the CEO fishing poo out of a pool?

I gave up watching UCB because it all seemed so rigged to me. The CEO always runs into people that touch them ‘just’ where they need to be tuoched (as in the woman who’d lost her child etc, they tugged on just the right emotional heartstrings). That said, in some of the earlier episodes there were examples of ‘ok, that policy sucks, let’s tweak it to make ti work better’. In the later episodes it all seemed to be a ‘undercover boss lotto’, where the 4-5 people they interacted with got nice big ‘prizes’ and the rest pretty much got ignored…it was heavy into individual recognition rather than looking at bigger issues. just teh same show week after week….we the viewer see just how incompetant your average CEO is, those lucky few that interact with him/her got nice vacations or raises out of it and nothing in the company was really going to change.