Candace Riddle

FYI – They did take on a Governmental body last night…the City of

Cincinnati. I thought it gave public servants a very human face and rasied a good point…those in the public sector are just as passionate, and work just as hard, if not harder than those in the private sector. I had a little quam with the Mayor stating “I’ve been in contact with my friends in the ‘corporate world’ and we would like to give you $10,000 towards…”. It is typical for all past Undercover Bosses in the private world to give bonuses or trips etc. to employees that they worked with while undercover, but I thought this looked a bit corrupt for a public body. It doesn’t mean that the employees weren’t deserving, but as a government body it is important to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

@teri Centner – FYI The Hooters’ episode featured Coby “Brooks”, not Coby Moore. Coby is the CEO of Naturally Fresh, Inc., an Atlanta, GA based food services company and the maker of the famous dressings served at Hooters. Naturally Fresh, Inc. was rebranded as such from Eastern Foods in 2002; the same year that Coby’s father, Robert H. Brooks, acquired Hooters of America, Inc. from the 6 original owners in Clearwater, FL. Upon Robert H. Brooks’ passing in 2006, Coby Brooks, and Bob’s daughter Bonnie Belle Brooks, were Willed as successors. The operations of each company continue under Coby’s leadership today.