Erica A Morin

I guess I should have concluded with my actual dream job that I’m trying to make a reality. I find that I’m good with kids, I listen really well when they talk, and I really remember how I wished someone had taken the time to actually listen/look at me when I was in elementary/middle school and see the potential paths I could take that I never, ever considered even when I was older and could have found out. That spark was never fanned into a flame through no fault any anyone. My mom sacrificed so I could go to dance class, she just didn’t want to be the one to tell me I really wasn’t good at it and may want to consider other avenues. That being said, I am now looking into life/graduation coaching in elementary school (got to catch them while the spark is there) with a side program doing school landscaping projects designed and built (with adult volunteers) by kids. It’s still in the infancy stage as I am getting ready to go to school for my landscaping certificate and I have to make sure I’m not stepping on school counselors’ toes. I may bolster this whole project with a masters or phd in an appropriate educational field.