Jeremy Michael Long

I think it can be fixed, it’s all just a matter of time, but it’s goint to take all the right people to do it, and not just “The Three Ps,” well, maybe Politicians and Policy Makers who know what the hell they’re doing, and Public Servants – definitely, based upon the many, many years of experience that they have in dealing with economics and other government issues, especially healthcare. But, what the Politicians and Policy Makers need to do is wise the hell up and listen to the more experienced executives, who have been in office for a long, long time and stop thinking that they know everything because they don’t. There’s entirely too much arrogance and pride being displayed, especially with the Democrats. In the past, Democrats and Republicans used to share ideas, opinions etc. with each other. Now it seems that, like Sandy Ressler said in an earlier GovLoop blog, that this country has become more and more polarized, in other words, right wingers have become far-right-wingers and left winger become far-left-wingers, thus making us all in what Sandy describes as being “Wingnuts.” But, all I have to say is that the government had better damn sight do something quickly before another catastrophic collapse occurs.