I agree. The time has come to stop doing busines as usual and take more advantage of technolgy. We as government officials need to take a look at all the laws and requirments that we are responsible to comply with as an agency that may be overdue for updates and that may not have the same implications that they once had (ten or more years ago), or may not have the same relevance now that they were inteneded to have in the 90s. Some of these process need to be looked at in greater detail and the wealth of information that is provided by agencies to OMB may need to be evaluated and analyzed to acheive different end result than what the law spelled out. A wealth of information can be found in the GAO Audit reports. Politicians come and go and all are looking out for themselves. We are here for the long haul and we are the only ones that can make the difference. We do not need new laws from Congress to guide our agencies. We need to step up and take action.