Pat Rupert

The peak of the boom generation is mid fifties, the leading edge are mid sixties. Effect on housing? More ground level bedrooms & entries and greater demand for higher density retirement communities located near, or with easy reach of medical support. In addition; the boomers (and later generations) are more active that prior generations, so access to recreation and sport facilities (particularly ones easy on the knees and hips), social activities. Denser communities with close (and easy access) storage facilities. The communities are likely to include those services we perform as middle age home owners as part of a home owners association (landscaping, home maintenance, etc) and anticipate an increase in the demand for bundled services; cable, communications, transportation (on demand wheelchair accessible public transportation – see Mason County, Washington state).
I thought a lot about these as I was dealing with my parents the last couple of years.
Regarding government (and the blasted health care ‘system’), if the system were to become more customer focused (the customer being the patient) services could be provided much better. Example; Taking my mother to a physician, at the same clinic she’d been going to for the last year, but seeing a new doc, I had to fill out an intake for (yet again – really got sick of those). I explained to the nurse/receptionist that I had filled one out just a few months ago and couldn’t she pull that from the files? Of course not, the ‘government says it is not legal to do that. I suspect the truth is more likely that there are regulations about sharing private medical information and rather than jump through the hoops put in place by ‘oversight’, it is just easier, from the small medical business practioneer, to have the customer perform valueless actions.
I suspect the government does prioritize, but I don’t think it is done on a rational basis, I’d guess the prioritization is done as a reaction to input from donators or screamers (squeaking wheels).
How to use Gov 2.0? put a lot of effort into it. You asked questions covering a very broad area. One way to start the conversation is break it down to logical chunks, then start an area of interest for each one.