Joey White

My wife had never heard of March Madness until we were married in February 2007, got home from our honeymoon and she was quickly swept into basketball mania. We don’t watch much TV and it was on all day during the tournament. There may or may not have been tears.

In 2008 I got her to fill out a bracket to at least participate somehow. She almost beat me.

In 2009 she filled out a bracket in her work pool with over 200 entries. She won it and beat me as well.

So, with that, here’s her methodology for who she picks:

1. Team ranks. NEVER pick a 14-16 seed to beat a 1-3 seed and RARELY pick a 12-13 seed to upset a 4-5 seed. Rankings are there for a reason and it’s not often that anyone outside of 1-3 makes the Final Four.
2. Team name. If the number 1 Syracuse Orange are playing the number 2 Kansas State Wildcats, my wife is with the Wildcats hands down.
3. Team colors. I don’t know what’s good or bad in this metric, just that if worse comes to worse, it’s a metric that is used.
4. Geographic location. Like team colors, this is only used to break tiebreakers, such as the number 1 Kentucky Wildcats with blue/white team colors playing the number 2 Villanova Wildcats with blue/white team colors. A matchup like this would very likely be decided by whether she prefers Philadelphia, PA, or Lexington, KY.

As I said, it’s hardly scientific, but it’s worked for her. 🙂

Good luck!